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just a thought....

  • What if it ended this way...

  • Sam, went to hell, and became the new leader. (Assuming that they defeated Crowley and all hell would break loose if no one would rule them) And because Lucifer is still stuck in the “box” with Michael, no one would rule the underworld but him because he would fit the profile. Someone with the blood line of the first brothers Cain and Abel, the ‘meat suit’ of Lucifer and has experience a painful and traumatic life. Plus he has a history of stuffing himself with demon blood and has a demon blood. Maybe all the mind tricks of Lucifer in Sam’s head were to teach him how to lead an army of demons. Another reason why he would fit to be hell’s new leader is that demons are more attracted to Sam. He chose to sacrifice his life, to save Dean and what is left in the world. He is now the leader of hell, Satan himself.

  • Dean on the other hand, became the new god of the angels, it is because there are only few left and he chose to lead the flock and became their new god. Maybe that is one of the reason why Castiel chose him and pull him out of hell is because he is chosen to lead not only because he is Michael’s ‘meat suit’. Also one of the reason why Cas is “attracted" and he have a stronger bond to Dean is because he is chosen to be their new leader. Another reason is he’s more close to the angels, and in Sam’s case, vice versa. That is why Cas never left Dean, because he is the angel who is assigned to teach Dean how to handle great power and responsibility. Maybe the Leviathans things was a plan just to show Dean how not to be overwhelmed with such power.

  • Sam and Dean agreed not to open the gates of hell or let down any angels amongst humans anymore. They made a pact not to get in each other’s ways. All the monsters are still gawking humans with precaution because they know that the Winchester’s are watching over them.

  • Also, Cas would be the guard/leader of the gates of purgatory because he is the only angel who has been there and survived.

  • And on a casual day, Sam and Dean would go back to earth and have a beer and stay in a random motel just like the good ol’ times.

  • (Of course they won’t be sad, because Sam would be with his dad John downstairs, and Dean would have Bobby and the others upstairs ...of course Cas would always stay in between...)

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